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Specification of Projector Bracket

Projector bracket is an automatic bracket for the proyector, so the look of the room does not look messy, only visible when in use only, when not used the position will be flat with the ceiling of the room. So the room will look neater.
Orientation: Tolerance of orientation is limited within 1 mm
Low Noise: Noise within 50 db
Central controlled panel: It's easy to be controlled and connected "CRESTON, AMX" to control the machines by central control
Exterior Design: Unique & attractive appearance
High Loading Capacity: It can load heavier projectors than the congeneric products and owns a high safety factor

Voltage Projector bracket (V / Hz): 220/50 & 110/60
Power: 20 W
Dimension (mm): 350 x 280 x 130
Loading Capacity: 10 Kg
Travel Length: 100 cm
Bottom Panel Dimension: 50cm x 50cm
Deadweight (Including bottom panel): 27kg

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